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1 Aug 2017

Setting Up The Perfect Chinchilla Cage


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Posted By Jimmie M.

When thinking of purchasing a chinchilla, you need to be sure of how to set a chinchilla cage up. The best thing to do is to duplicate the environment chinchillas are use to, this will help make your chinchilla happy and comfortable. In the wild chinchillas live in higher altitudes, and the climate is usually dry and cool. Chinchillas do better if they are kept in a 55 to 70 degree temperature.

Heat strokes are quite easy for these animals to have if they are not kept in temperatures lower than around 82 degrees. They should also be kept in low humidity, so their cage should be in a room with good ventilation and no dampness. You should consider putting their cage in a place with plenty of light but no direct sunlight.

Most people like to keep their chinchilla cage in the room they are most often in, but if this room has a lot of activity it is probably best to place the cage in a less active room. Your chinchilla can get stressed in an active environment and this will make them unhappy. You may not have another room to place the cage in, if this is the case, try covering their cage with a thin piece of material.

When purchasing a cage remember that bigger is better. Chinchillas need lots of room to climb and run, they are quite active. Condo cages are best for a chinchilla because there is plenty of space for climbing and running and just having a great time.

A wire mesh cage is the best type of cage for chinchillas. Aquariums and plastic containers are a bad idea because there is very little ventilation. A wooden cage is also a bad idea, because over time your chinchilla will chew his way out. Wooden houses are great though. A chinchilla needs a small dark place to sleep in order to feel at ease. PVC pipe is also great for them to sleep in.

To avoid odor you need to keep the cage clean. Chinchillas are actually quite odorless when they have a clean cage. How often you need to clean the cage depends on how large it is and how many pets you have in it. If cleaned often enough the cage should not smell.

These animals are quite active and need several toys to stay busy. Wheels are preferable because they enjoy running on them and they keep them occupied. Chew toys are a must in order to keep the teeth of your chinchilla short and straight. These are great pets when you put in the time with them.


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