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Guinea Pigs - How to Exercise Your Guinea Pig

With a hamster, you can just toss a wheel in its cage and it'll hop right on it and chug away - going nowhere - and he'll be perfectly happy. It reminds me of the people you see at the health club - chugging away on their elliptical trainers - going nowhere - but getting healthier. Toss a wheel into your guinea pig's cage and see what happens.

  • 6 Aug 2017

Setting Up The Perfect Chinchilla Cage

When thinking of purchasing a chinchilla, you need to be sure of how to set a chinchilla cage up. The best thing to do is to duplicate the environment chinchillas are use to, this will help make your chinchilla happy and comfortable. In the wild chinchillas live in higher altitudes, and the climate is usually dry and cool.

  • 1 Aug 2017
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5 Jul 2017
Posted By Etta S.

Do Pets and Apartments Mix?

If you're a pet owner who is considering a move to an apartment there are certain things you must be keep in mind. First, whether or not your pet will be accepted by most landlords depends primarily on the type, size and personality of your pet. Dogs: If you own a large dog, apartment living is probably not for you. Not only will accepting landlords be hard to find, but your dog will not be happy in the confined space of an apartment.
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